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Beau N Shaw, Burlington, United States
Nationality: American

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Burlington, United States


El Beau, Singer/SongWriter/Producer
PShaw, Singer/SongWriter/Producer

“They excite me” " For the Grown & Sexy" “Their sound is Divergent and for the music Lovers who enjoy real music” ​ “Listening to them is like experiencing a musical Orgasm” Two Amazingly Soulful and Talented Song Writers and Producers are making music great. The Soulful Sounds of Beau N Shaw takes you on a ride towards a musical Orgasm. The emotional ride begins with Left Right taking you to a place of love, desire and commitment The climax heightens with, “You Already Know”, taking you to the moments when you look at each other in a crowded room and you know what's about to happen when you're alone. Beau & Shaw are quickly becoming the love of such great radio personalities and magazine and receiving airtime and placement with Patty Jackson WDAS, HEAT100, Downtown Hott Radio,Hamilton Radio, LuvCafe, Heavy Hitter DJ's FreeAgent Radio, XXL Magazine, HypeMagazine, DoubleUp Magazine hype magazine: They are currently available on Amazon, Itunesand SoundClouds Follow them on social media @BeaunShaw
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